Chief Mountain Hotshots 

Emergency Firefighter




Blackfeet Wildland Fire Prevention program save lives and reduce suppression costs and property loss. There are numerous prevention strategies and action available to the Blackfeet Tribe that can be used to effectively reduce person caused fires. We can effectively reduce wildland fire ignitions, damage to resources by unwanted wildfires, and the treat to firefighter and public safety by using these strategies, integrating planning, resources, and prevention actions with existing preparedness programs.


Programs that we participate in:


Smokey Bear Project: The Smokey Bear campaign is the longest running public service campaign in US History. Smokey's forest fire prevention message remained unchanged for 50 years until April 2001, when the Ad Council updated his message to address the increasing number of wildfires in the nation's wildlands.



WeTip: WeTip is a national nonprofit organization, staffing tip operators that take anonymous tips from all 50 states including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. For over 33 years, WeTip has taken over 411,000 tips. These Tips are always anonymous;  WeTip never knows who you are.